I am an intraday futures trader and I use Sierra Chart as my charting package.


Sierra Chart is a very powerful trading platform that is highly configurable and flexible with many features that could be blogged about. However, I have limited the scope of this site to programming and tips for the spreadsheet studies and Simple Alerts, and for complex Study Collections.


Spreadsheet studies are a Sierra Chart exclusive. You can use them for simple things like coloring and alerts, for custom studies (indicators), or for complex autotrading systems. It’s a way to take the flexibility of Sierra Chart to the next level, without the need to use their c++ based programming interface language.


Simple Alerts can be used to create an audio alert, or to color and/or place bars, arrows, and lines, et cetera when using one of the Color Bar Based on Alert Condition studies. The Simple Alerts use the same syntax as the spreadsheet studies, except for price and study Identifiers.  Simple Alert formulas can also use many of the spreadsheet functions.


For the purposes of posts on this site, a Study Collection is a grouping of studies that together perform a single function, like coloring a study’s bars 4 different colors based on slope and the zero line. A Study Collection is also used with a spreadsheet study to ensure the correct settings are applied.


This site has a variety of programming examples for spreadsheet studies and Simple Alerts, tips on using spreadsheet studies and Simple Alerts, and some free custom spreadsheet studies and Study Collections that are available for download.


To your trading success!