For a charge, I can program a spreadsheet study or Simple Alert for you to meet your requirements and conditions.  These are the steps:


1) You provide the specifics of what you want to accomplish.


2) I determine if the desired result is within the capability of a spreadsheet study or Simple Alert, and within my programming ability.


3) If it can be done, I will give you an estimate of the cost based on how long it will take me to create it, at $50 USD/hour.


4) If the project uses your proprietary conditions, a Confidentiality Statement is provided. If it also involves an autotrading system, a Disclaimer of Liability is included. See Legal below.


5) If you agree to the terms and price, payment via a Paypal invoice from me of  the total cost is due at completion.  Other payment conditions apply, see the Memorandum of Agreement in Legal below.


6) Support and minor tweaks of the spreadsheet study or Simple Alert are included in the price.  Major changes and upgrades will require a new agreement and charge.


7) If the study or alert does not perform as you expect (autotrader profitability excluded), and I am unable to correct it (nonviable methodology and spreadsheet limitations excluded), a full refund is given. See Legal below.